Yoga Clothes and Yoga Clothing-An Essential Guide

Yoga Clothes and Yoga Clothing-An Essential Guide
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Are you like me in that we care about what we look like even in yoga clothes? Just because we are attending a yoga class is no reason to loo frumpy. I know, I know, yoga is for many people a way to “reconnect with the universe” or whatever and that is fine for them. They might feel like it is too shallow to care about your looks in yoga class but I just don’t feel that way. For us yoga is another exercise to keep fit and calm and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while practicing in yoga clothing.

I have to imagine you feel similar.

Whenever I practice yoga I like to make certain I am wearing some comfortable lightweight yoga pants and tops. It is so much easier to feel the yoga flow in cotton that hemp or linen. I find it to be so important to wear comfortable women’s yoga pants and other yoga apparel.

I have to imagine it is easier for women to find comfortable yoga clothes than for men. I still can’t figure out how they choose to wear some of the things they do to yoga clothes.

With respects to yoga clothes, most women prefer baggy yoga pants and tops. I know some who wear Capri yoga pants but for me I find they tend to bind up around my ankles. The soft flowing baggy types are what I like best, whether you practice at home or at your yoga school. Like the saying goes-comfort is always king.

One of the most popular types of yoga out there is what is called “hot house” yoga. People who go to these studios with the temperature turned up high wear Bikram yoga clothing, although Bikram is a type of yoga and not a clothing style. Actually hot house yoga is really Bikram yoga without the brand name. If you’ve ever tried it you know that the high heat aids in limbering you up and gets the juices flowing in all your joints and muscles.

It doesnt really matter if you choose inexpensive yoga pants or those colorful outfits made of satin or silk, you ARE going to sweat and your yoga clothing needs to be sturdy enough for such vigorous use.

I dont mean to say that yoga clothes that dont cost you an arm and a leg wont last but like with all purchases make certain that you do your research before committing to buy. After all you dont want to keep buying your yoga clothing over and over again.

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