Weight Loss Perfect TRIO- Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract + Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract + Colon Detox Cleanse -180 Veggie Capsules – Gluten Free

Weight Loss Perfect TRIO- Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract + Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract + Colon Detox Cleanse -180 Veggie Capsules – Gluten Free
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GreeNatr’s Colon Cleanse Detox is an all-natural supplement that comes with a huge list of herbs that clean your system of toxins to help you stay fit, and improve your general health and productivity.

GreeNatr’s Garcinia Cambogia reduces your appetite limiting the absorption of fat in your body, and by providing your body with the ability to breakdown and dissolve the accumulated fat. Its high levels of glycogen send signals to your brain to feel satiated, thus reducing your appetite and the amount you eat. It also enhances the production of the feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain to improve one’s emotional health.

GreeNatr’s Green Coffee Bean is a powerful antioxidant and its chlorogenic acids advances weight loss by decreasing the rate of fat absorption from food, cutting down fat storage in the liver, and enhancing the fat burning capacity of the hormone adiponectin. Its extracts also reduce the uptake of carbohydrates in the intestines to reduce blood glucose or blood sugar levels. It also positively influences blood pressure levels to contain them within the normal limits.

Hence, with this trio you’ll have triple power against the fat, sugars and bad cholesterol in your body

Only The Highest-Quality Supplements

You want to keep your body healthy… but not all supplements are created equal. Don’t you owe it to yourself to ensure that you’re putting only the purest forms of natural supplements into your body?

We take pride in only using the highest-quality ingredients in our premium brand supplements. All Extracts are Gluten-Free, GMO-free, Vegan/Vegetarian, and made in the USA in a FDA certified, GMP approved facility.

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Rest easy knowing that you’re protected by the Amazon A-to-Z money back guarantee

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Product Features

  • YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT FASTER WITH A COMPLETE FAT BURNING SYSTEM…It’s a proven fact! … FIRST: Detox your body the natural way with Colon Detox & Cleanse, THEN Supercharge weight loss and burn fat & sugar the NATURAL WAY with Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee Bean Extract for even better results!
  • YOU NEED THE ULTIMATE FAT & SUGAR BURNER/WEIGHT LOSS/APPETITE SUPPRESSANT BUNDLE FOR FASTER RESULTS!- Colon Detox & Cleanse + Green Coffee + Garcinia Cambogia Extract . Together they will Deliver Safe, Effective, Convenient and All Natural Fat & Sugar Burning Weight Loss!
  • BURN AWAY STUBBORN BELLY, BUTT AND THIGH FAT! Your rapid weight loss will be ALL NATURAL, and drug-free! MAXIMUM Weight Loss, Energy Boost, Better Fitting Clothes and a General Sense of Calm Well-being!
  • 100% ALL NATURAL EASY TO SWALLOW CAPSULES! That Contain Natural Herbs for a healthy Colon Cleanse and Detox, Garcinia with a FULL 60% HCA and Green Coffee Bean Extract standardized to 50% Chlorogenic Acid. MADE IN USA in a FDA Certified and GMP Approved Facility!
  • YOU ARE COVERED BY THE AMAZON A TO Z MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don’t feel more energized, with better mood and with fewer cravings whilst losing weight and dropping your blood sugar levels, YOU PAY NOTHING! You can return your product and request a FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! So, you have nothing to lose but weight!


  1. it really works #### This is a great product Ans fast delivery I have used this product for three weeks and have lost 10 pounds already.. I take it an half an hour before each meal twice a day. Yes I also spend 40 minutes on the treadmill to increase my weight lost but before this product my stomach would not go down.I use the colon cleanse at bedtime it works best for me that way And i take the other two at 7 am and 3 pm. The coffee pill will keep you up so take it early rather than later. Great product will buy…

  2. Works if YOU DO as well! This weight loss TRIO is great! I have tried many other weight loss supplements before, but this one actually works! I suspect it’s the unique synergistic combination of all three that make it effective. By taking these supplements as directed, along with a regular exercise program and well-balanced diet, I have lost an inch of my waist so far!! Anyone not seeing results might not be taking them consistently or as directed and expecting a miracle pill. This is a SUPPLEMENT, which means that…

  3. I feel like this product is great and gets the job done … – So I bought this trio in addition to my weight loss exercise program to help kickstart my new journey. I use the Green Coffee Extract everyday at lunch time and The Garcinia Cambogia Everyday at 9am (2 tablets each) – I use the Colon Detox & Cleanse twice a week to keep things moving and cleaned out (and/or soft). 

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