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May 7, 2018 - Comment


Amazon Customer says:

not a comedy The plot is odd but fun at first, then more and more bizarre, and then it takes you to a nightmare. It reminded me of Franz Kafka a bit, if you like that kind of surrealistic kick in your gut. It could have been a really funny comedy, bcs what came out of their puke was so very interesting….

DeeBe says:

Three Stars Really odd movie.

Victoria says:

Fans of practical effects and the movie Gremlins will enjoy this Off beat and unique creature feature thriller. I enjoyed the plot and the pace of the movie. I absolutely loved the use of practical effects and high quality puppets, that hit a nice nostalgic note of Gremlins. The movie also featured some lovely cinematography. However, I was hopeful for a slightly more intense climax or closure with the ending which I just didn’t feel I received, aside from that I really did enjoy this movie.

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