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Love Paleo

July 5, 2018 - Comment


Grace du Ciel says:

Love this documentary! Here’s the thing. Until you can see and hear people talking about the same problems with chronic disease that you’ve been diagnosed with, the idea of a different way of eating is so much blablabla.I’ve been paleo for several years and it’s still a novel concept where I live. (Cajun country.) But the people here are at ground zero for diet-related illnesses. My BFF’s husband was pre-diabetic for years and found out yesterday he’s full-blown type 2. He’s depressed as hell and scared…

K. Wagner says:

Snore . . . I think the Paleo diet is very interesting but this movie was as boring as could be. Lots of people droning on and on. No one seemed enthused or eager to talk about how it changed their life. Very dry. Very boring. I fell asleep several times while watching it and I am very interested in and passionate about this subject.

Daisy says:

Sick and tired of being sick and tired! Let’s be cavemen! This movie really sums it all up. I nearly lost my life last year due to not being able to digest food, I had no idea I was allergic to soy, milk protein, gluten, eggwhites. Food makes us sick, this is messed up. And I’ve always watched what I ate. But I had no clue I was actually allergic to food until last September when I took a blood test to see what makes me sick.I’ve been following this lifestyle as much as possible and I really enjoy it but didn’t know know this much about…

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