How To Start Running To Lose Weight

How To Start Running To Lose Weight
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How to start runningAre you crazy! That is bad for your knees?

Is it?  Is running bad for you? If your going to take advice from someone, make sure they’re doing what you want to be doing.  Let’s find how.

When we started running, everyone told us how bad it was for our body?  When we looked at the people that were telling us that running would destroy our knees, we noticed that none of them were runners.  Here is what we realized.

What people don’t realize about running:

It’s not as bad as you think. It’s actually worse.  People say the impact from running is hard on your knees.  What people are lying to themselves about is that for every pound of fat they’re caring is causing more damage to their knees than 45 minutes of running everyday.   Here is the study about The link between weight loss and knee pain.

What you need to know:

Starting Running is not easy.  Nothing worth doing ever is.  That being said their is simple tricks to help with knee pain and leg pain.

  1. Compression pants cause good blood flow and stabilize your muscles and tends will running.

2.  Knee braces.  These help with recover and stability.  Yes your going to put on compression pants and knee braces which will make your legs like a rubber band.  Further down the road you can wear less as your body builds, but right now we need to get you running for 21 days and not being sore helps you get out of bed and do that.

3.  Stable Running Shoes.  Most people want to get the most cushion shoe.  The truth is if your overweight you actually need a more stable shoe.  The cushion shoe will cause your tendons in your legs to hurt more because they’re trying to stabilize your legs as you run.  Having a stable shoe let’s your legs not work as hard as your running and you will recover faster.

Start Running will help you lose weight?

This is true! If you want to lose more weight you need to do both cardio with weight lifting.  That is why Crossfit is seeing huge results.  With functional movement Crossfit takes running, lifting and gymnastics and mixes them up.  This in return will give you a calorie burn for up to 72 hours after because you’re hitting the deep muscle fibers.  Running is good but this is more of instant calorie burn.  If you want to lose weight faster, do more of functional movement with weights in between your running.

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