Genius Pro-GT, 2-in-1 Green Tea Extract and Probiotics for Weight Loss, Organic, Non-GMO Natural Fat Burner Shelf Stable Digestive Probiotic Supplement for Women and Men, 30 Veggie Capsules

Genius Pro-GT, 2-in-1 Green Tea Extract and Probiotics for Weight Loss, Organic, Non-GMO Natural Fat Burner Shelf Stable Digestive Probiotic Supplement for Women and Men, 30 Veggie Capsules
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Probiotics that actually work for weight loss? These results are felt x10 when combined with bioavailability enhanced green tea extract, producing a truly advanced metabolism booster and daily wellness supplement.

Science has advanced and it’s time to supplement smarter. Tired of wasting money on all of the belly fat burners that just don’t work? Genius Supplements has changed the game by providing a revolutionary approach to healthy weight and ultimately a better you.

This wasn’t meant to be just a probiotic and it’s wellness benefits extend beyond that simple classification. The green tea extract benefits are countless from the various antioxidant properties to the thermogenic effect that enables your body to produce more energy, it’s the perfect combination to go along with the well researched Morinaga B-3. Together their benefits far exceed most fat burning supplements!

If you want to lose weight fast, it’s important you do it the right way – rely on proven research and nothing else. Proper dosing and ingredient quality are of the upmost importance. You don’t need cheap stimulant fat burners and sketchy ingredients, they are counterproductive for both gut and digestive health and when frequent trips to the bathroom happen to be your best bet for maybe losing a couple of pounds, we only have one thing to say…. NOT HEALTHY!

Healthy, safe weight loss is a multifaceted spectrum with multiple components needing to be accounted for. Diet and exercise will always be at the top of the list but with recent advancements in science, faster results are possible. Take the Genius approach and better your overall being.

This isn’t just a probiotic and it isn’t just a green tea supplement. PRO-GT escapes categorization and was designed for complete, GENIUS wellness. Factor in the skin and beauty boosting properties and this really is the best fat burner for women!

Product Features

  • Powerful Probiotic Weight Loss Booster with Green Tea Extract; Pro-GT combines two clinically proven, safe metabolism boosting agents that also support digestive health making it the best probiotic for weight loss
  • Bioavailable Green Tea Fat Burner; Our greenselect phytosome extract provides greater bioavailability and has been tested in clinical studies; showing to be an effective natural metabolism booster
  • Skin Health and Beauty Improvements; In addition to it’s slimming properties Morinaga improved transepidermal water loss, skin hydration, and epidermal thickening; making it a popular choice for women wanting healthier skin
  • Effective Cholesterol Lowering Product; In a six week treatment with 24 female volunteers, Greenselect users had a significantly lower LDL cholesterol level while total antioxidant activity greatly increased
  • Daily Wellness for Men and Women; The health benefits are countless, rich in antioxidants and proven by science, this is a shelf stable probiotic that works; Each 30 day supply makes for better gut health and a healthier you


  1. 5 Star Probiotic Probiotics are my favorite! This one is top notch and super high quality! I seriously thought that all probiotics are the same and it doesn’t matter which one I get. I was wrong I can tell a noticeable difference in this one over other ones I’ve tried! This product has a cool addition, with the Green tea for the metabolism boosting effect. Probiotics are so helpful with your overall health. Happy gut, happy body. The gut affects so many other areas of your body. If you are looking for a high…

  2. Definitely a must buy! Really happy I decided to purchase this product. I seriously thought this would of been like all the other probiotics out there on the market and was skeptical about if the Green Tea would really do anything out of the ordinary. I was pleasantly surprised by this product because it did everything that it said it would do! Helped my gut health big time and helped me lose some weight because the green tea really helped control my appetite more! Will order again

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