Coleus Forskholii – Pure Forskolin Root Extract Pills – Natural Diet Pills – Herbal Weight Loss Fat Burner – Metabolism Booster for Men and Women – 60 veggie capsules – By Huntington Labs

Lose Weight Quickly! Incinerate body fat effectively through Huntington Labs’ specially formulated Forskolin supplement. Reduce food cravings while at the same time boost your body’s metabolic rate for maximum weight loss results. Our supplement can help improve your body’s digestive functions. Absorb nutrients more efficiently while flush away unwanted accumulated bad fats. Benefits of Choosing Huntington Labs Our weight loss formula is produced with the highest concentration of Forskolin compared with other brands in the market that claim to offer pure extracts. Our proprietary blend works by cleansing your body of fat build-up and inhibiting further fat cell formation. When mixed with your dietary meal program and fitness activities, you can double your weight reduction as well as achieve a chiseled lean body in no time! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee There is nothing to lose but annoying fats. Try out our product and if you are not happy with it, we will process you a full refund. No questions asked! Grab it now Make things easier by grabbing your weight-loss bottle online. No hassle! Hurry and purchase now while supplies last!

Product Features

  • Purest Forskolin Extract Supplement – We offer the highest grade, most potent Forskolin Extract Supplement on the market! Derived from the roots of the coleus plant, forskolin is famous for its amazing fat burning effects. Make weight loss easier!
  • A natural weight loss shortcut – Tired of failed diets? Sometimes healthy eating and exercise alone aren’t enough. If you want to experience real results, then taking our Forskolin pills for weight loss can make the difference you’re looking for.
  • Boost your body’s metabolism – Our Forskolin supplement helps boost your metabolism, so you burn more fat throughout the day. Even better, studies suggest that forskolin can also inhibit high blood pressure and lead to overall better health.
  • Preserve lean body mass – Many use Forskolin not just for its fat burning and appetite suppressing effects, but for its ability to preserve (and sometimes increase) lean body mass too. Be sexier than ever when you finally reach your target weight.
  • Quality tested and assured – Purchase only from the most trusted brands! Huntington Labs produces all supplements within the United States, and we make sure that every product goes through strict quality control. We value our customers greatly. When taking this supplement there is a small chance of experiencing diarrhea, stomach pains, and nausea, if you feel any of these side effects discontinue immediately.


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  3. Seems like this product makes me more hungry after I take … Seems like this product makes me more hungry after I take it, what should I expect if I don’t excersise (or however you spell that awful word, lol) or eat properly, however, it seems to be a good product if used correctly, go for it, great price!!

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