Best Kidney Cleanse (Vegetarian) Supports Bladder Control & Urinary Tract – Powerful VitaCran Cranberry Extract – Natural Herbs Supplement – Kidney Health, Flush & Detox – 60 Capsules (No Pills)

Natural Kidney Cleanse with VitaCran Cranberry Extract!

Your body counts on the kidneys to help filter waste. But if you
consume a high protein diet, drink alcohol, or regularly smoke,
you could be putting excess strain on your organs. Symptoms
of kidney overload include lethargy, appetite loss, drowsiness,
and muscle cramps.

Detox your kidneys easily and naturally with the Powerful Kidney
Cleanse from Healths Harmony! Made with Cranberry Extract,
this cleanse flushes toxins and fights infection-causing bacteria.
With added support from beneficial herbs like Nettle Leaf and
Astragalus, our cleanse helps protect overall kidney health while
aiding their function!

These potent cranberry capsules also aid bladder and urinary tract
health! Goldenrod, Uva-Usi, and Horsetail are just a few of the
natural ingredients that work together to decrease urinary leaks,
improve bladder control, and soothe the urinary tract. You’ll feel
comfortable and confident!

Made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities, you can rest assured
knowing that the Healths Harmony cranberry pills are safe, effective,
and Vegetarian!

Why Choose Our Premium Kidney Cleanse?
– Flushes toxins for overall kidney support
– Helps improve bladder control
– Aids urinary tract health
– Formula made with natural ingredients
– Made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities

Try Risk-Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

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Order Your Kidney Cleanse Now and Feel Great Again!

Product Features

  • REJUVENATE YOUR KIDNEYS WITH VITACRAN CRANBERRY EXTRACT: Your kidneys are always working hard – Give them the support they need with our powerful detox! Thanks to VitaCran Cranberry Extract & other potent ingredients this cleanse helps flush toxins, fight bacteria, and improve overall function.
  • IMPROVE BLADDER CONTROL: If you struggle with urinary leaks or irritation, you may be facing poor bladder control. But with Java Tea Leaf, Birch Leaf, and Horsetail, our incredible kidney cleanse can help improve bladder control while fighting infections!
  • URINARY TRACT SUPPORT: Good urinary tract health helps prevent uncomfortable infections. With potent ingredients like Goldenrod, Uva-Ursi, and Buchu, our cleanse soothes the urinary tract and discourages infections by fighting the bacteria that cause them.
  • NATURAL VEGETARIAN KIDNEY SUPPORT FORMULA: When the Healths Harmony team set out to craft our cranberry pills, we wanted to create a highly effective cleanse that didn’t sacrifice quality. Made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities, our kidney supplement uses natural ingredients to bring great results without the side effects!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you’re still unconvinced that our cranberry capsules are better than the rest, try them today risk free with our money back guarantee! If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we’ll refund your order.


  1. Changed my eGFR For the past two years they told me I was in third stage of kidney disease because my eGFR was 58 (it is supposed to be greater than 60). I took this for 3 months and I just had blood work and my eGFR is 65 and my creatinine went fro 102 to 92 which is now in the normal range.

  2. … thing that helped me overcome persistent bladder pain and painful urination. I don’t know why it worked but … Kidney Cleanse was the only thing that helped me overcome persistent bladder pain and painful urination. I don’t know why it worked but after 8 weeks of trying everything the doctor had prescribed for me, this finally stopped the pain.

  3. … the hospital they told me my Kidneys were in bad shape used this product and my doctor saw a … While in the hospital they told me my Kidneys were in bad shape used this product and my doctor saw a vast improvement in my Kidneys after only 1 week use. I paid full price for this product and I’m a former reviewer for Consumer Reports and now for Fox Network. Went through the bottle and my doctor gave me an excellent report on my kidneys

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