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April 27, 2018 - Comment

Detox Tea Bedtime Tea and Energize Tea Daily Tea

Detox Tea Bedtime Tea and Energize Tea Daily Tea


Mallory says:

LOVE THIS TEA!!! Does what it says, with amazing customer service, too!! I am LOVING everything about these teas!! The Cleanse tea is what got me hooked. I am more of a regular “iced tea” girl so I was nervous to try either one. They are both so good!! I’ve been drinking the cleanse for four days now and have lost 3 pounds as well as feeling MUCH lighter! I just drank the Energize this morning and it tastes super good, citrusy. I instantly felt like I had more energy. I even skipped my coffee this morning (and that is saying something)! Not only are…

rose says:

Worth it, do it! I was skeptical but I was excited that the ingredients were all natural. Last night I tried the sleep tea and actually felt rested when I woke up for the first time in weeks. So this morning I tried the Energize tea…amazing. It gave me all the affects of having aborning cup of coffee but fewer calories, no crash or lag after drinking, and no tummy issues. I’m sold and excited to try the cleanse tonight!

TexRN says:

Great product, actually works, good taste and affordable! LOVE this combination of products! Each of them is a blend of high quality tea leaves and DO what they say they do. I noticed an improvement in digestion and even clearer skin since I have been drinking the CLEANSE tea nightly. I have ENERGIZE first thing in the morning to replace my high calorie, sugar loaded coffee and it does the job even better than the coffee ever did. If you need a little sweetener, use a tbsp of local honey. I have tried comparable products like TeaMi which honestly, I…

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